The Eureka Moment
Before we tell you the idea behind our website, we must thank you for visiting our website and would love to know your thoughts on it.

Few years ago me and my husband were backpacking in western Himalayas region and all of a sudden decided to extend our holidays. But we just did not know where to go, not that we were running short of ideas but we did not have the right information and also did not know where to see other’s experience. Before going for an adventure trip, we always like to see the experiences of others through write-ups or pics and hence we usually use google for long time. We realized there is not a single place where we could get it all be it trekking or sky diving or scuba. Hence, decided to create one. Of course our regular jobs did not allow us to do immediately.

Our sole idea of creating this website is to build a library of information and experiences of all adventure sports activities/destinations of India. As of now, this website is solely focussed on India. We sincerely hope our endeavour inspires more people to take India as an Adventure Sports destination. India is probably the largest and diversified country in terms of being a natural avenue for Adventure Sports.
What do we do?
There are many aspects and ideas of this website. We highlight few things here but let us assure you that this is just indicative and the website is much more than these things.
  • Encyclopaedia of Adventure Activities

    It is an Encyclopaedia of Adventure Activities in India: In many ways our dream is to make this website the one stop encyclopaedia for Adventure Activities in India. Primarily it is an information destination for you.

  • Encyclopaedia of Adventure Blogs

    It is an encyclopaedia of Adventure experiences / blogs: Our dream is to make this website as the largest library of Adventure Travelogues of Indian destinations. All the content is contributed by our fellow users and we sincerely thank them for sharing the same with all the fellow users. The travelogues are segregated in terms of activities, states and regions to provide a better experience to the users.

  • Encyclopaedia of Adventure Destinations

    An Encyclopaedia of Adventure Destinations in India: The website provides the most exhaustive list of adventure sports destinations in India. Of course we may have missed some or many, hence we are eager to hear from you to add more destinations to the list. When we say an exhaustive list, we mean it to the last letter. We will include a Sunday hike of 2 hours to a rafting expedition of 2 weeks. But our dream is to include anything and everything, so that a fellow adventure traveller will never have an excuse of lack of time/information/etc for not going.

  • Network of Adventure Enthusiasts

    A Network of Adventure Enthusiasts to connect with each other: The website also has a list of experts (users who are into it for a long time) for various activities/state/regions for guiding fellow users. You can always ask a query to any of our listed experts. We will make sure you get the replies at the earliest.

  • Rest I will leave it to you to explore more.
Meet The Team
Hi, we have a team full of energy and travel in their heart. It is very difficult to get in touch with them as they might be away travelling somewhere.

Saroshi looks after the whole content piece and overall website scope. Subhrajit look after the content as well as marketing of the website. Sunil who is an advisor to us looks after our tech stuffs and obviously he makes sure that you do not get disappointed with the website experience. Rakesh looks after our operation part.

Meet them here.

Saroshi Nahak

Founder & The Ring Master

Saroshi is a yoga therapist by profession but a traveller all the way. She is lucky to choose a profession where she needs to travel to places closer to nature. Sheis one of those who are into something they really like. She is also a good & efficient cook. Apart from travelling she works with special children (unfortunate kids who cannot speak or hear).

Rakesh Nahak


Rakesh is an engineer and after spending a couple of years with Honda, he realized his true calling lies in Travel that to adventure travel. One thing he believes is to be true whatever we do and be truthful to others and be ready to face new challenges in life. I like travelling & spend most of my time observing people and things around me.

Subhrajit Ghadei

Co-Founder & Content

A traveller by heart who swears by Shahyadri and Himalayas. I am born and brought up in a pretty much secluded and hilly regions of Orissa which is still inaccessible for almost 3 months every year. So basically I am someone who belongs to the mountains but forced to travel over flyovers every day except weekends.

Meet Our Advisors
We are blessed to have few friends and seniors as our advisors. They are the people we discuss everything and get it approved. Of course they do guide us on what more needed to be done.

Most importantly they are like our eyes to the world of Adventure Activities in India.

Sanjay Agrawal

Chief Advisor

I am a freelance cinematographer based in Delhi. I was sent to a wrong school. Then to a right college with a wrong subject. Then to a film school with no interest in films. Always been a misfit. I have directed, photographed & edited many programmes on various subjects ranging from health, cororate films, mother nature & many more. Off late, I am working in many Wild life films. My work has received several national & international awards. I am the first Cameraperson in India, to use HD.

Rajesh P Nayak


Born & bought in small town of southern most part in Karnataka, currently live in Bangalore. I am an offbeat and adventure travel enthusiast. I do not go to the normal places and I do not do the usual touristy things. Very passionate about outdoor activities like Running / Cycling / Trekking / Hiking to name few. As most of our experts, Rajesh is a passionate traveller and mostly unreachable during the weekends. Rajesh is a foodie to the core and never says “No” to go for an adventure.

Rakesh Rajan


I am a physics graduate with interest spanning across every subject there is. A really passionate Music lover, I am a self-taught flautist, photography enthusiast & an avid adventure enthusiast! A very active member of the Chennai Trekking Club, I was drawn to trekking 2 years ago. Down the line I started travelling across and realized that there is no better way to live & learn life other than through travel. Since then I have been travelling to new places at every opportunity.

Venkat Ganesh


Ex Cubicle slave who called it quits one day to travel India on a Motorbike. He is like a “Sadhu” and always up for a trip. He will rather go to Himalayas and cook himself rather than going to Goa and chill out. I am a passionate nerd who loves books, cricket, food and travelling (not in any particular order). Travels for months with just a 30l backpack. Hates hypocrites. Welcomes an opportunity to avoid having a bath whenever possible and as much as possible will be seen sporting a beard.

Explore the Site
To put it simply, we are a bunch of Indian adventure travellers. We are somewhat crazy about India. We do work in this corporate world. During the day we are clean shaven and well dressed corporate guys and once the day is over we are dreaming about India and of course the Friday night. If you call us during the weekends, we wish you the best of luck, either we are unreachable or just switched it off.
Our Motto:
“Either you keep doing the same thing all your life or you do all the things in one life. Choice is always yours...”
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    Library of all the available adventure trails covering all typeof activities in India. Choose your activity and choose your locations and just press the submit button to see, what’s there in store for you.

  • Travelogues (Blogs)

    Library of all the adventure travelogues which generally exhibit a coherent narrative or aesthetic events through travel journals. Choose your activity and location to see what’s there in store for you.

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    David Hum had said "Photography is only a tool, a vehicle, for expressing or transmitting a passion in something else." Choose your activity and location to see what’s there in store for you.

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