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Hi, we again thank you for visiting our website. As you must have felt by now that most of our contents are contributed by our fellow users. The contents are here to share with fellow users and encourage and some time force you to get out of your comfortable seat and venture into the magnificent adventure destinations India has to offer. Under this section we run various competitions periodically and we hope you participate. You need to register in our website to participate. Rules & Prizes The rules vary from competition to competition and hence refer to the current competition. Of course we cannot thank you enough for your entries and efforts to share your experience with fellow users. We have some prizes for the winners. Of course we cannot put a value to your efforts and hence consider this as a small gesture. Winners will be contacted individually and the same will be published in this website. You need to register in our website to participate. How do we judge? We set up an independent panel of judges for every competition and they do take an independent and detailed view of all the entries. The entries we receive are forwarded to the panel of judges without providing the details of the contributor. We also provide detailed guidelines on the key parameters based on which the entries will be judged.

Steps to Participate in Competition

  • Step 1 : Login into your account
  • Step 2 : Go to your profile;
  • Step 3 : Go to the bottom of the page and select the one you want to submit and click the submit button
  • Step 4 : If you want to submit a new post for the competition go to the contribute section
  • Step 5 : You can also send your entries to
  • Step 6 : Only registered users can participate in the competition.