River Rafting in Kundalika River at Kolad in Western Ghats of Maharashtra

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How to Reach

  1. By Road: You get bus / cab services from Pune and Mumbai (around 2-3 hours of drive).
  2. By Rail: Kolad railway station is in the Konkan rail line, which is connected to Mumbai (Swv Diva Pass). Kolad is connected to all major cities in India through Mumbai railway station.
  3. By Air: Nearest major airport is Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, which is nearly 113 km from Kolad. Mumbai (Bombay) is well connected to all major cities in India and also connected to many cities abroad. Taxi / Bus services are the one direct travel possibility from Mumbai to Kolad.

Things to Carry

1. Bathing Suit (if it is warm out) 
2. T-shirt (if it is warm out) 
3. Sun block and lip balm 
4. Sunglasses (optional) 
5. Eye Glass Straps (if needed) 
6. Old Sneakers, neoprene booties, or river shoes 
7. Waterproof Camera 
8. Energy Bar for the river (the outfitter may provide this) 
9. Water or Gatorade (the outfitter may provide this) 
10. Small Dry Bag (if they let you take it on the raft) 
11. Zip Lock Baggies (to keep small things dry] 
12. Towel or towels 
13. Plastic Bag(s) (for wet things such as sneakers) 
14. Change of Clothes (for the drive back) 
15. Snack and drink (for the drive back) 
16. Photo ID (if renting wetsuits and other gear) 


The Kundalika is a small river flowing from the Hills of Sahyadri to the Arabian Sea. This river originates at a small town called Bhira in the Indian State of Maharashtra, 150 km south east of Bombay (Mumbai). The important towns located on the banks of Kundalika are Kolad, Korlai, Chaul, Roha and Salav. Kolad, a thriving tiny village in the Mahad region in the state of Maharashtra, is blessed with natural foliage and luxuriant greenery. Situated at the backdrop of the majestic Sahyadris, Kolad’s magnificent valleys and marshlands give it a picturesque appearance. The greatest attraction of this charming village is the ‘Kundalika River’, which is one among the fastest flowing river in South India. Water released from the nearby dams makes the river ever flowing. Kundalika riverbeds in Kolad are ideal locations for adventurous activities.

Rafting operations begin at a village called as Saje. Typically by 08:15 hours, water from the Dam gets released making the water levels great for rafting. The Guides gives instructions and explains the associated rafting commands to all the participants. A typical Raft carries around 10 participants and there is a River Guide on each Raft.

What follows is an exciting and incredible session of White Water Rafting for close to two hours. You negotiate the rapids, do body-surfing, swim in short have a great time Rafting one of the most beautiful Rivers of India.

Once you are through with Rafting, you could proceed for lunch (that needs to be pre-booked) and/or to stay overnight at one of the close by Resorts. Closest to Rafting end point is Kundalika Cottages which is extremely scenic and also offers activities like Kayaking, River Crossing etc in extremely scenic settings. Other options like Nature Trails Kundalika Camps and Empower Camps also offer value for money experience. Refer the section for Stay Options for more details.


River Rafting on Kundalika started a few years ago and now a year round activity (Only rafting facility in India to be operational all round the year). White Water Rafting in Kundalika offers Grade II and Grade III rapids (Higher the Grade, higher the level of difficulty). It is a spectacular location to experience the pleasure of white water river rafting. Kundalika River’s 14-kilometre stretch of exciting rapids will provide one and a half hours white water rafting. Rafting through the river calls for extreme courage and bravery. Water rafting in the river reaches its zenith during monsoon season since the water levels are high.

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Apart from river rafting this river offers other excellent ventures like kayaking, paragliding, and river crossing. Boating through the river is a real experience for any of the visitor and lush magnificient greenery around the riverbanks can be enjoyed by it. This scenic locale with the fascinating and amazing spectacle of nature is a recommended picnic spot for those who prefer to enjoy the lovely warmth of nature. Kolad is famed for plenty of waterfalls, its rugged topography and Rocky Mountains. The trekking trails in Kolad offer medium challenges to adventurous trekkers and the trekking during the Monsoon has a special charm, making it a unique feature of Kolad. Kolad offers so many excellent adventurous activities that enable one self to replenish one’s acquaintance with nature.


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  • Continent: Asia
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