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Trekking Hiking and Mountaineering

Trekking is a type of Adventure activity which is widely popular throughout the world. It involves traversing through treacherous terrains (Forest, mountain, and desert) by foot sometimes involving swimming, rope climbing, rappelling etc.

There is thin line that separates TREKKING & HIKING.

Hiking is the term used to denote the type of adventure activity which involves walking to the top of a hill or a small mountain or going through a forest. Hiking is similar to Trekking in many ways, one being the basic meaning. Hiking is usually a recreational activity whereas Trekking is a way of survival in many parts of the world which are inaccessible by roads. The beginning of every trek can be called a hike.

There are two major types of trekking. One is a day trek and other is a Multi-day Trek.
Day Treks usually do not involve overnight camping or cooking and is done in a day (morning to night). These treks are usually easy and can be done by anyone. Multi-day treks on the other hand can test the ability of one’s mind over his body. Multi-day treks can be for 2 days or even 2 weeks. These kinds of treks involve extensive planning and appropriate equipment for safety and comfort. During a Multi-day trek it is essential that the trekker carries a comfortable backpack with all the essential supplies. If the trek is for 2-3 days then ready to eat food can be carried. But longer treks might require the trekker to carry raw materials to cook and eat. It is also very important to carry a sleeping tent or a sleeping bag depending on the terrain.

Mountaineering is simply the art of climbing mountains. It is a sport and a hobby and requires special skills and ability. Mountaineering in its true form began as attempts to scale the highest mountains which have been untouched! But now it has a lot of different forms and specializations, each of which require special skill sets.

There are different kinds of Mountaineering depending on the kind of mountain that is going to be climbed; Rock, Snow and Ice. Each of these three kinds requires extensive knowledge about mountains, a perfect athletic body and a strong technical knowledge to maintain Safety.

Before getting into mountaineering it is very important that one equips himself with the necessary skills by enrolling in one of the many mountaineering institutes in the country. The mountaineering institutes provide certification courses for those interested and equips one with all the necessary skills including survival, safety, rock climbing, acclimatizing etc.

Mountaineering usually is done over a period of time. It can go from 2 days to 2 months in some cases. Mountains which are over 5000 meters high require more time to climb due to the fact that the body need to acclimatize to the higher altitudes and this is done by staying at a particular altitude and hiking to the next higher altitude before moving up. Mt Everest usually requires two weeks for acclimatization before moving towards the peak.

On the whole Mountaineering, though very difficult, is one of the most satisfying activities! The feeling of standing on the peak of a mountain cannot be paralleled!

In India trekking has become very popular off late, with a lot of trekking groups spawning across all the corners of the country. Himalayas, Aravalli, Sahyadris, Western Ghats, North-eat, Eastern Ghats etc are some of the mountains in India offer excellent trekking and hiking experience. Most of these mountains have pre-defined trekking trails but many trekkers prefer creating their own trails by using sophisticated GPS equipment, which can then be used by others.

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